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Hopeless Surrender

Hopeless Surrender is a Christian self-help book written for anyone who personally suffers from anxiety or depression, or who has a loved one who suffers from these debilitating mental illnesses.

When the doctor diagnosed “Generalized Anxiety & Panic Disorder” followed by a diagnosis of an “Acoustic Neuroma,” a benign brain tumor, along with working in a corporate job with immense amounts of stress, Amy’s body continuously sent messages that enough was enough.

The chronic stress and constant anxiety became more debilitating than the symptoms of the tumor. Amy frequently credited the tumor with the symptoms she experienced. One day, in a place of despair, Amy surrendered it all to God and says she “cried out to God, asking Him to reveal His purpose for her life and promised to follow His lead.”

As a result of this spiritual journey and discovery, Amy’s life and understanding of the effect of chronic stress on the body has changed forever. After years of suffering, Amy realized that her way to survive was to accept her own physical weakness, and fully rely on the strength of God.

With her husband, children, parents, sister, and closest friends at her side, Amy faced her fears, surrendered her worries to God, and found courage, comfort, and faith in God’s love & in His word.